Nashville lawyer Rachel E. Taylor charged with DUI after I-40 crash, blows 0.151 BAC

32-year-old Nashville corporate healthcare attorney Rachel E. Taylor blew nearly double the legal limit, a 0.151 BAC, after a crash on I-40 late Wednesday night. She reportedly told officers she was attempting to follow the directions from her GPS when a vehicle cut her off and she over-corrected, causing her to lose control and crash into a guard rail. She is free on pre-trial release.

DUI: Nashville lawyer found drunk & disorderly in McDonald’s Drive-thru – blows .226

50-year-old Nashville Lawyer Benjamin Ashley Hodges was found in a South Nashville drive-thru just after 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, according to police. He was reportedly in a Toyota Yaris, hanging out of the driver’s side window yelling at the vehicle behind him in line. He would eventually blow a .226 on a breath test.

Man slips cuffs, attempts to escape car, after nude drawing date goes really, really wrong

This weekend, 25-year-old Matthew Homonnay took his girlfriend of four weeks on a date to a ‘Drink-N-Draw’ type event, which consists of a 2-3 hour drawing session of a nude model, and free alcohol. The night would end with Homonnay escaping his cuffs in the back of a patrol car, and nearly escaping police completely, while being charged with 2 felonies and 2 misdemeanors, after he went berserk.

Katie Layne Quackenbush: Shameless Self-Promotion During Wave of Media Frenzy of Her Shooting A Homeless Man

On Wednesday (09/13) Katie Layne Quackenbush took every advantage of the international media hype surrounding her arrest for shooting a homeless man in Nasvhille, TN near Music Row. On Wednesday, Quackenbush took the time to upload a music video to one of her channels, and it gained nearly 90,000 views in the first 18 hours. She added: MEDIA LIES- SO MANY FACTS ABOUT THE CASE NOT BEING SHOWN ON MEDIA. INSTEAD OF JUDGING HOW ABOUT YOU LOOK INTO MORE INFORMATION. IM NOT A BAD PERSON. She then linked to several…

*NSFW* Katie Layne Quackenbush Modeling Photos & More *NSFW*

*NSFW* Katie Layne Quackenbush Modeling Photos & More *NSFW* Many have asked us to publish some of Quackenbush’s modeling photos, so here they are. This is from a time period when she went by the stripper/model name of ‘Bubbles’ NEW: *NSFW* Shooter Katie Layne Quackenbush – Ex Stripper/Dancer ‘Presley’, $800 Escort in Nashville – CONFIRMED See Previous Coverage: Katie Layne Quackenbush: What You Won’t See On The News about the Stripper that Shot a Homeless Man & Drove Away in her Porsche SUV                …

Katie Layne Quackenbush: What You Won’t See On The News about the Stripper that Shot a Homeless Man & Drove Away in her Porsche SUV

Meet Katie Layne Quackenbush. Have you been hearing things about the white Porsche-SUV driving stripper that shot a man near music row in Nashville, and has been charged with Attempted Murder? Here’s what you won’t see on the local news stations about this Nashville Stripper. She was a stripper in Denver (where she lived between Texas & Tennessee) at La Boheme Gentlemen’s Cabaret where she and then boyfriend (kind of reddit famous as the cross-dressing prince of /r/opieandanthony) moved into a boiler-room basement as an apartment. Her then boyfriend says that he and his…