Leah Johnson kicks security officer in chest after refusing to leave Southern Hills Hospital

20-year-old Leah Johnson was booked on January 8th after kicking a security officer at Southern Hills Hospital. On December 16th, Kenneth Thomas, a security officer with Blueline security, advised officers that he told Leah Johnson to exit from the patient area of the hospital. Johnson refused to leave and kicked Thomas in the chest when he detained her to escort her out of the hospital. Due to Thomas not sustaining any visible injuries, Johnson qualified for citation. Leah Johnson was booked on the citation of assault on January 8th.

Leah Johnson jailed after brawl at Ole Red for being too intoxicated in public

19-year-old Leah Johnson was jailed on Monday morning after officers found her drunk at Ole Red on Broadway in the midst of a brawl that occurred among patrons. She smelled strongly of alcohol as she aggressively argued with bystanders and was asked to leave the location, but she refused. She was taken into custody for being a public nuisance and a danger to herself and others.

Deatric Woods jailed on $50K bond after Jerry Springeresque robbery involving current and past lovers

20-year-old Deatric Woods former lovers, including one who he was previously arrested for assaulting and another woman whose connection is unclear, to assist him in a new robbery of his most recent ex-girlfriend, who he also was already charged with robbing just weeks prior. Metro Police say Kiaria Robinson reported she was leaving her East Nashville workplace when two females she recognized as Leah Johnson and Sa’Mya Pratt, approached her and began to fight her, knocking her to the ground. While she was being assaulted, her ex-boyfriend, Deatric Woods, appeared with the group of people, including another unknown female, and facilitated the robbery of her iPhone, cash, and bank cards. Victoria Rogers then drove the getaway vehicle which transported all of the suspects away from the scene.

In April of 2021, Deatric Woods was charged with the assault of his then-girlfriend, Sa’Mya Pratt. Court records show he assaulted her with a brick, ripped her wig off, and drug her in the grass by her legs after she broke up with him (2021-0204217). More recently, in August of 2021, Woods was charged with the first robbery of Kiaria Robinson, after striking her in the back of the head with a pistol and taking her phone and $60 from her purse at gunpoint while they were dating. Woods remains jailed on a $50,000 bond for this case and has six other cases currently pending.