DUI: Jacob Walker, 20, charged with underage drinking after crashing into two vehicles

20-year-old Jacob Walker was involved in a crash at the intersection of 33rd Avenue North and Alameda St. on November 1st. TSU police alerted officers regarding an impaired driver crashing into two vehicles, fleeing, and then returning to the scene. Officers spoke with Walker, who was visibly intoxicated as he admitted to leaving the scene, consuming alcohol, and being too impaired to drive. Walker consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Walker refused to provide a breath sample and spoke with witnesses who positively identified him. Walker was placed in custody for leaving the scene of an accident, implied consent, driving under the influence, and underage consumption of alcohol.

Jennie Frank-Gambill charged for fleeing accident on General George Patton Road

43-year-old Jennie Frank-Gambill was issued a citation on October 4th after causing an accident at the intersection of Sawyer Brown Road and General George Patton Road. A witness, Mr. Defeo, heard the crash, stepped out of the house, and observed a Nissan Rogue and Kia Soul in the road. After the crash, Ms. Frank-Gambill drove away, but Mr. Defeo got in his vehicle, followed her to where she was parked on General George Patton Road with the vehicle’s airbags deployed and notified the police. When officers arrived, Ms. Frank Gambill admitted to being the driver. She explained to officers that she left because she thought the other driver had left the area.

Taylor Crannis charged with DUI after crashing into utility pole

36-year-old Taylor Crannis crashed into a curb and a telephone pole at Charlotte Ave. on October 22nd. Officers were dispatched to Charlotte Ave. regarding a vehicle crash and observed Crannis standing outside a black Ford as they arrived. Crannis told officers he was the driver of the Ford and walked away from the scene as they investigated the accident. Officers detained Crannis and conducted sobriety tests where he performed poorly but refused to do the walk-and-turn test or give a blood or breath sample. Crannis’s license returned as suspended once officers ran it through the system. Crannis was taken into custody for driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident, and implied consent violation.

Kaleigh Swift charged with DUI after downtown Nashville crash

20-year-old Kaleigh Reese Swift was jailed Monday morning after crashing into a utility pole on Church Street. A passenger of the vehicle stated that Swift was driving them home when she crashed and left the scene. Police conducted a welfare check on a female near 3rd Avenue and recognized her as the vehicle owner involved in the hit-and-run. She appeared to be intoxicated, smelled like alcohol, and was slurring her words. She didn’t remember the events leading up to the crash, nor did she remember the crash itself. She was stumbling around and stated several times that she didn’t remember anything before getting the boot off her car. Officers also noted that Ms. Swift had glassy eyes and dilated pupils. She stated that her cell phone was in her pocket, then proceeded to pull out a water bottle and try to dial a phone number. She described that her cell phone had a pink case with a butterfly drawn on it, which was found in the driver’s seat of the involved vehicle. Ms. Swift then performed poorly on sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

Nicholas Nash: “that wasn’t me” who crashed in a parking lot… or maybe it was

24-year-old Nicholas Nash hit a vehicle while backing his Ford 250 into a parking spot at the MAA Bellevue apartment complex on Old Hickory Blvd on September 1st. When an apartment complex resident came outside to confront Nicholas, he reportedly backed into an air conditioning unit. He eventually parked his truck, and the resident saw Nicholas wearing a green t-shirt that said “Vans” while running into a nearby apartment. Police knocked on the door and spoke to Nicholas’s roommate, who said Noah was driving the truck.

When Nicholas came to the door, he fit the description the resident gave police earlier of the driver. At first, Nicholas denied owning the truck when police told him about the incident, but later admitted owning it for work. But he said was dropped off by a woman in a white car fifteen minutes ago. Police asked him if he was wearing the green “Vans,” he originally said no but later admitted to it. Based on the resident’s accounts, he was cited for leaving the scene of an accident. He was booked for the charge on September 25th.

Frat guy crashes into cops’s personal car, parks at church & claims someone crashed into him instead — Cameron Ray arrested

20-year-old Cameron Ray, of Clarksville, is free on a $10,000 bond after lying to police and his insurance company about how his 2010 white Camaro became totaled. On March 6th the APSU Pike called police to a church parking lot behind his fraternity house, where he reported someone had crashed into his car and fled the scene, causing full airbag deployment, and “massive damage” which the insurance company determined to be written off as “totaled”.

Days later it was determined that Ray was actually driving the car on Elkmont Drive when he left the roadway and struck a Chevrolet Silverado which was parked in the driveway of a police officer’s house, then fled the scene. He is charged with felony filing a false report and leaving the scene of an accident. Ray says he was just “a dumb kid who was texting on his phone and too scared to tell his parents, but don’t compare me to a common criminal” in a quote from his social media about the crime.

Hit and run leads to DUI, paraphernalia charges

36-year-old Bradley Walters was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and driving under the influence after fleeing from the scene of an accident and being found intoxicated with a marijuana grinder.