Nyakan Tutlam booked after fleeing car accident in 2019

29-year-old Nyakan Timothy Tutlam left the scene after being involved in a car accident in December 2019. On February 21st, 2020, Tutlam spoke with police, admitting that she did not give the other driver any of her information or report the accident. She was cited for the occurrence that day. Then, Tutlam failed to book herself on March 19th, 2020, so a bench warrant was issued for her arrest on July 21st, 2020. Tutlam was later booked on the citation for leaving the scene of an accident on May 19th, 2024.

DUI: Daniel Mignacca crashes on Murfreesboro Pike after drinking Bud Ice

53-year-old Daniel Mignacca left the scene after being in a car accident near the Publix on Murfreesboro Pike on April 17th. The other party involved called the police and provided them with photos of Mignacca’s car when they arrived. The passenger advised them that Mignacca had been drinking. Officers ran the license plate, which returned to a Shadowbrook Trail South residence, where they went and located Mignacca, who admitted he was involved in the crash near Publix, adding that he had one can of Bud Ice. Officers noticed he reeked of alcohol and asked him to take sobriety tests, which he consented to and performed poorly. Mignacca was then taken into custody for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

Morris Rogers turns himself in after leaving the scene of an accident

18-year-old Morris Rogers left the scene of a car crash in Davidson County on March 23rd. Esther Padilla, the other involved party, alerted the authorities. While officers investigated the hit-and-run crash, Rogers contacted them, identifying himself as the driver. Rogers was booked on the citation of leaving the scene of a property crash on April 12th.