Ethan Felsenthal charged after “surprise hug” of Nashville librarian

ShaQuantaey Evans, an employee of the Nashville Public Library, says she was working on Tuesday as her back was to 29-year-old Ethan Felsenthal. She states he came up from behind and hugged her, and she did not see him coming. She states the contact was “extremely offensive.”

Charles Michael Graham Jr. charged with sexual battery of female roommate during a massage

35-year-old Charles Michael Graham Jr., a Librarian Assistant at Fisk University, is charged with the sexual battery of his female roommate, who says he touched her sexual areas without consent and became aroused during a massage. Heaven Pryor told police Graham, who is her roommate, offered to give her a massage, and she accepted. She says she told him she was “gay as f–k”, and was not into him in any sexual way. She says Graham moved from her back to her buttocks and then to her pubic area and other parts of her body, each time with her having to tell him to stop. She states he also stopped multiple times due to getting aroused. He is free on a $2,000 bond.