Pilgrimage Festival Co-Founder Kevin Griffin’s Divorce: Affairs, Drugs, Money & the Festival

Of the many interesting findings, in a 61-page final divorce decree, was the information revealed about the finances of the company that presents The Pilgrimage Festival, Pilgrimage Presents, LLC. The judge found Pilgrimage Presents, LLC has ‘no value’, citing “Pilgrimage Presents, LLC, had a shareholder equity of negative $1,885,855, as of December 31, 2017, and a substantially greater amount as of December 31st, 2018, due to the loss experienced in 2018.

Did Councilman Brett Withers Lie On City Permit Application?

When city councilman Brett Withers bought his house on Granada Av, he wanted to build a deck – except he couldn’t be bothered to go get the permit himself, so he sent someone. That someone was Sherry Carter, an openly gay woman in Nashville; a lesbian, by her own account. This is important, because Brett is an openly gay man. Yet on the legal application for a permit, which is all public record, under oath of a notary, she purported herself to be Brett Wither’s “girlfriend” – a relationship that…