Man walks in for a drink, tries to walk out with cash register

29-year-old Durgham Al-Mosawi was charged with theft of property and vandalism after two Little Caesars employees detained him while he tried to steal their cash register.

Nashville Landlord Gets Served… With Restraining Order

She was current on rent. He threatened to remove the backdoor and physically remove her. When that didn’t work, he disconnected the electricity & water. She got help from the Legal Aid Society, and on Thursday a judge signed an order against landlord Larry Jordan, requiring him to restore utilities to the property, and he has yet to comply.

Nashville Little Caesars Employee Steals $2,591 From Safe: James White-Brown

James White-Brown was an employee of Little Caesars here in Nashville. On July 31st, he entered his workplace (Little Caesars) using his key. He was permitted to have a key, however he had no reason to be at the store at this time. He scanned his fingerprint into the computer system, entered his code, and removed the cash from the safe. White-Brown never returned to work. He was arrested on Friday afternoon, and released on a $20,000 bond late Friday evening. White-Brown is  a 29yo black male, his birthday is…