Antioch woman caught on camera destroying her long-time friend’s home

28-year-old Shamonta Booker was charged with aggravated burglary when the neighbor of the residence that was burglarized showed police video of Booker entering a home and leaving.

Ex-boyfriend stops to get mail, vandalizes vehicle, is accused of gun threat

33-year-old Brett Brown was charged with two counts of domestic assault and vandalism when he stopped at his ex-girlfriend’s home to get his mail and vandalized her son’s vehicle and allegedly threatened them.

Amazon driver steals $28,000 of items from BNA facility to be mailed to customers

John Michael Pride, 40, was a contract delivery driver that was scheduled to deliver Amazon products to a post office in Murfreesboro, TN. Pride picked the products up from the Amazon distribution facility at 50 Airways Blvd, at the west side of the Nashville Int’l Airport (BNA), however he failed to deliver the Amazon products. According to records produced by Amazon, John Pride scanned the products as delivered, but when he scanned them, the data showed the latitude/longitude of the location of the Amazon products were in Lebanon, TN, 30-40…

Nashville man mail-orders drugs, MNPD delivers the package

Ashraf Nashed was arrested on Monday evening, after he accepted delivery for drugs he had ordered online from another country – and the MNPD was nice enough to make the delivery to him. Ashraf Nashed ordered 500 Tramadol pills (schedule IV), from outside the US, and had them shipped to his home address in Nashville. MNPD detectives intercepted the package and made the delivery, which was accepted by the suspect. A search warrant of the residence discovered and additional 1334 Tramadol pills inside Nashed’s vehicle, and a pill cutter, digital…

Jonathan Alexander Poe: 155g Meth – via the Mail #Arrested #SpecialDelivery

Just after we’re getting over another of Nashville’s gay socialites receiving 200 ecstasy pills this week, now we have the arrest of Jonathan Alexander Poe – who received 155 grams of methamphetamine in the mail. Jonathan Alexander Poe was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a CLASS B Felony – Possession with Intent of Meth (26-299 grams). According to a police affidavit, police were made aware of a suspicious package at a postal facility. A search warrant was granted, and inside was 155 grams of methamphetamine. Jonathan Alexander Poe had…