Makiya Lowe trashes father’s home when she learns he is out with his ex-girlfriend

20-year-old Makiya Lowe vandalized her father’s Canady Avenue residence on May 14th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Marcus Allen Lowe, who stated that Makiya had trashed his house while he was gone and thrown documents over the residence. Officers then spoke with Makiya, who told them she had used her key to enter her dad’s house but had not found him. So, she called him and discovered he was out with his ex-girlfriend, whom she did not like. Then, Makiya said she threw documents and garbage bags full of his belongings around the property and broke a few mugs to “get back” at him. Marcus Allen Lowe was also previously arrested on February 29th for stealing his ex-girlfriend’s emotional support dog. Makiya Lowe was taken into custody for vandalism on May 14th.