Amber Quarles charged with disobeying a Goodlettsville Police Officer

Police say they were directing traffic due to a crash with two lanes of the roadway blocked and patrol cars staged with full blue lights on to get the attention of any oncoming traffic. 24-year-old Amber Quarles reportedly drove around officers, ignoring their orders to stop, and nearly struck a GOPD Sergeant. She is charged with “failure to obey a lawful order.”

Confidential Informant Jailed after she fails to deliver

25-year-old Kristina Brown was taken into custody Thursday after her 18th Drug Task Force handler, Marcus Zugelder, says she failed to maintain proper communication with him. She is now charged with multiple felony drug offenses that were being held after she signed a confidential informant agreement in April.

Goodlettsville man accuses father of assault after failing to take medication

23-year-old Jose Zepeda was charged with domestic assault on his father after failing to take prescribed mental health medication. Zepeda initially claimed that his father assaulted him, but it was later determined that it was caused in self-defense.