Cameo Hamm charged in East Nashville DUI, says she had ‘Verizon’ to drink

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to the intersection of Woodland Street and S. 14th St. in East Nashville, where they located 22-year-old Cameo Hamm seemingly passed out behind the wheel with the keys in the vehicle and her foot on the brake. Upon making contact, officers asked Hamm if she had anything to drink tonight, and she kept repeating, “Verizon.” Though most of her sentences were incoherent, police say she did admit to drinking alcohol prior to driving. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI.

Uber/Lyft Drivers Ridicule Muslim Driver for Praying at Nashville Airport Waiting Area

Uber drivers are independent contractors, not company employees, so they have a lot of wiggle room in the ‘co-workers’ concept – because they have no co-workers, as they are their own boss, simply sharing a ride-hailing platform. So when they do something that in any regular job would land you sitting across from an HR manager, and likely a security escort to clean out your desk, there is often no equivalent action in the world of independent contracting. But what was witnessed Thursday, as ride-share drivers ridiculed and made fun…