Layna Prince slaps boyfriend when he confronts her about dancing with other people

25-year-old Layna Prince was jailed on March 31st after police saw her and her boyfriend, Thomas Hoen, arguing in the street in downtown Nashville. Officers observed the argument taking place and went over to check on them. Hoen was bleeding from his top lip. He told police they had been at the bar a few minutes before and started arguing about Prince dancing with other people. He said that Prince slapped and scratched his face after he confronted her, and she was taken into custody due to his injuries.

Trio charged in head-stomping Broadway brawl #VisitMusicCity

A trio was charged in a brutal Broadway Brawl early Saturday morning in front of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, but none of them for the actual assault, just for being drunk and disorderly, despite Metro Nashville Police Officer Mark Miracle documenting he watched one of the trio, Eric Broersma, “stomp on the man’s head who was on the ground, then continue walking down Broadway”. Alandra Caruthers and Marshaun Payne were also arrested.