Randy ‘RJ’ Rudlaff jailed for violating an order of protection

46-year-old Randy Rudlaff was at his shared residence on Stockyard Street Sunday when Metro Nashville Police responded to a domestic incident at the address. As Rudlaff’s information was run through the system, an active order of protection was located, which prevented him from being at the residence until the next court date. He was served with the notice on March 31 and still had not vacated the residence. He was taken into custody and charged with violating an order of protection.

Michael Sexton charged in DUI after Dickerson Pike crash

50-year-old Michael Shawn Sexton crashed on Dickerson Pike just before midnight Thursday. Officers arrived and noted he could barely speak, and when he did, it was very slurred, and he reeked of alcohol. He had two mostly empty bottles of vodka at his feet and stated he had “a lot” to drink when asked. Sexton refused to complete field sobriety tests, stating: “I already know I’m drunk.”

Tiffany Williams charged after busting girlfriend’s nose; breaking vases and pots in rage

31-year-old Tiffany Marie Williams is charged with the assault of her girlfriend, Rebecca Page-Dolnick. Officers arrived at their Walton Lane residence to find Rebecca bleeding from the bridge of her busted nose and an assortment of broken pots and vases. The victim says the couple had an argument when Williams suddenly attacked her. She attempted to defend herself, but not before she was punched in the nose. Williams admits they were in an argument but states she had been drinking and wasn’t sure of many details.

Woman charged with dragging lover down the road while hanging out of car — Cierra Johnson

22-year-old Cierra Johnson was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday an outstanding warrant from July of last year, when her lover, Devontez Ellison, showed police the large scrapes and road rash covering his body after she told him to get in the car, then hit the gas as he was halfway inside, and drove down Murfreesboro Pike with him hanging out of the car. She fled the scene, Nashville Fire Medics responded to the scene Police, and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Johnson is free on a $2,500 bond.

East Nashville man got drunk and naked, tossed items from balcony, disrupting neighbors — Charles Latham

32-year-old Charles Latham told police he had been drinking after a relationship breakup – that was what caused him to be found running through the halls of the Stacks on Main apartments in East Nashville, and throwing things from his third-floor apartment. Latham is charged with disorderly conduct.