In a move to appease neighborhoods, Mayor asks for 5mph speed reduction – at a cost.

Next month, Nashville Mayor John Cooper will ask the traffic and parking commission, and then the Metro Council, to reduce the speed limit within neighborhoods from 30 to 25 mph. The cost of sign updates, community education, and related engineering improvements is 1.5 million. Is such a small change worth the cost?

Charged with DUI, lawyer tells cop he’s “going to be Mayor of this city” – Davis Griffin #Arrested

Ever wondered if a criminal defense attorney agrees to field sobriety tests when they’d charged with D.U.I., or if they answer questions when asked ? Metro police arrested Davis Griffin Tuesday morning, and he told them he was “going to be Mayor of this city”.

Jon Sewell reflects on Nashville’s Mayoral race with a Limerick

He was the Mayor we all deserved. He was pro-marijuana, legalization of drugs and prostitution (it’s your body, and we can use the tax income on both businesses, right?). He wanted to house the homeless, use art work for traffic calming strategies, no more corporate welfare, more money for small businesses, and even have a max wage cap for CEO’s based on how much they paid their employees. It was a grand dream. And all but 92 of you fucked it up. So now all you get is this limerick…

Inside Mayor Barry’s Office: Her top staff’s criminal charges & civil lawsuits

In light of recent events concerning the Mayor’s judgement, we decided to take a look at Mayor Megan Barry’s choices of who she surrounds her self with in her office. Looking at who she hired onto her staff in the Mayor’s office – and what kind of background they have. What we found is that the people that Mayor Barry has decided to surround herself with, may not be the people that you’d expect. Did the Mayor use her best judgement when choosing her staff? Among her Senior Advisors &…