Mayor Briley cancels Nashville’s plan to implement ‘Shot Spotter’ technology to help solve gun crimes

Mayor David Briley shoots down agreement to bring ‘ShotSpotter’ technology to Nashville. The technology helps solve gun-related crimes in over 100 other cities, improves response times, and was previously approved & funded by Metro City Council.

Inside Mayor Barry’s Office: Her top staff’s criminal charges & civil lawsuits

In light of recent events concerning the Mayor’s judgement, we decided to take a look at Mayor Megan Barry’s choices of who she surrounds her self with in her office. Looking at who she hired onto her staff in the Mayor’s office – and what kind of background they have. What we found is that the people that Mayor Barry has decided to surround herself with, may not be the people that you’d expect. Did the Mayor use her best judgement when choosing her staff? Among her Senior Advisors &…