2nd injury lawsuit claims Nashville Sports Leagues is a drunken mess

A newly filed takes us inside an alcohol-fueled kickball game, organized by Nashville Sports Leagues. Details include an intoxicated underage player, a drunk player falling over on the field, vomiting in the outfield, and shots from a large bottle of Jack Daniels as the reward when you made first base.

Metro Installing SPLnet Sound Monitoring for Ascend Amphitheater – with Technical Difficulties

Over six months ago, Metro Parks and Live Nation agreed to limit the noise level at Ascend Amphitheater, after some complaints from East Nashville neighbors. The solution is still not 100% implemented, and it appears Metro is having technical difficulties setting up the remote monitoring. Worth noting – the agreement, which was signed on 12/01/15, is only for talent & performance contracts signed after that date. So any artist/event that had a performance contract signed more than 6 months ago (which many are planned a year or more in advance)…