Bar 3000 employee Christopher McGee jailed after lying to police about shooting

26-year-old Bar 3000 employee Christopher McGee is charged with giving a false report to police during a New Year’s Eve shooting at the troubled establishment. Metro Nashville Police officers were conducting a shooting investigation, and McGee gave multiple false statements to police about the incident. Video footage later confirmed McGee was knowingly lying to police to prevent the suspect from being apprehended.

Lance Dotson charged with strangling his wife at Hopsmith Nashville

51-year-old Lance Dotson was jailed on April 1st after strangling his wife, Stacey Dotson until she couldn’t breathe. When officers arrived at Hopsmith Nashville on Division Street, Stacey was visibly distraught and crying. Multiple witnesses approached the officers and told them how Lance physically assaulted and choked her numerous times. They showed the officer videos that they had recorded of the incident that matched Stacey’s statement. Stacey refused medical attention when NFD arrived on the scene, and Lance was taken to booking and charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation.

Devon Blair punches doorman in face at Red Door Saloon

32-year-old Devon Leshane Blair was charged with disorderly conduct and assault early Friday morning at The Red Door Saloon on Division St. Witnesses told police that they saw Blair acting disorderly after being told to leave and then he punched the doorman in the face after he was asked to leave the bar; an assault that Blair freely admitted to when questioned by police. Upon arrival on the scene, officers reported witnessing Blair actively attempting to fight someone, causing officers to have to get in the middle of the altercation to avoid another physical altercation from breaking out. Officers detained Blair, and he acted disorderly and verbally aggressively throughout his arrest.

Wayne Seagraves charged with DUI after midtown motorcycle crash

46-year-old Carl Wayne Seagraves crashed his Harley-Davidson motorcycle at the intersection of 8th & Demonbreun on November 9th. When police arrived, they overheard Seagraves ask his friend, “Am I going to get a DUI?” Officers observed him to be visibly intoxicated and with slurred speech. He refused all sobriety tests and was transported to the hospital for a leg injury. A search warrant was granted for his blood. Due to being treated medically, he was issued a state citation for DUI and was booked on that citation this week.

DUI: Wilson Limbaugh charged after drinking “3 beers” at Tin Roof Demonbreun

25-year-old James Wilson Limbaugh IV says he had “3 beers” at Tin Roof on Demonbreun before crashing his vehicle in the early hours of Sunday morning in downtown Nashville. He refused all field sobriety tests and blood draws by stating, “lawyer.” A night court magistrate granted a search warrant for his blood, which was drawn at Metro General Hospital prior to booking.

Man with missing wallet too drunk for Tin Roof Bar — Charles Rhodes

44-year-old Charles Rhodes was kicked out of the Tin Roof bar on Demonbreun for being disorderly. Once outside, he realized he was without his wallet and was told he would have to come back the following day when he was sober to see if it was located. He flagged down Nashville Police Officer Joshua Spurlock, who along with Lt. Brittany McElwee, went inside to attempt to locate his missing wallet without success. Rhodes was once again told he’d have to return the following day, and at first, he seems to be content and walk away, but moments later he returned yelling and shouting, and after this continued he was eventually taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Connor House charged in aggravated assault of two Rebar Midtown bouncers using beer bottle

27-year-old Connor House is free on a $30,000 bond, charged with the felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon of two bouncers at Rebar Midtown. Shane Jenkins and Noah Cahours say House threw and shattered a beer bottle, causing them both to sustain visible injuries. They detained him after a brief chase, until police arrived.

At the time of this arrest, Connor House was free on a $15,000 bond from A Around the Clock Bonding after causing $17,000 of damage to his parent’s home when they locked him out. At the time of that arrest, he was also free on another $17,000 bond with the same company, after two domestic assaults on his girlfriend.

Woman assaulted by Florida tourist in reported rape attempt; He’s jailed for 153 minutes before pre-trial release — Patrick Schiebel

As a young woman walked alone in Midtown late Monday evening, she says a man began to “cat all” her, and as she continued past him she says he firmly grabbed her arm. As she began to fight back, he reportedly told her he was going to rape her. She was able to break away from the man, identified as 30-year-old Patrick Schiebel, and flee to a nearby apartment building with a visible concierge who let her inside and called 911. Metro Nashville Police officers located the man but refused to charge him themselves since they didn’t witness it. MNPD escorted the victim to night court, where a magistrate signed a simple assault private prosecution warrant. The tourist was jailed for 153 minutes before being given pre-trial release and set free, despite a magistrate setting his bond at $10,000.