Former missing teen admits to “beating” her child’s father because of their relationship situation

20-year-old Jade Mullen was charged with aggravated assault after she admitted to striking the father of her child with a metal flashlight multiple times in the face because of their relationship troubles.

Corley Roberts’ Hibiscuses are STOLEN, Considers a TRUMP ‘WALL’ to Secure Replacements

While Corley Roberts was out of town over the past few days, she claims that someone opened the gate of her fenced in yard, and cut down all of her bright red Hibiscuses. She states “I’m very discouraged to find that over the last few days while I was out of town – someone saw something in my yard they just had to have and helped themselves!” Roberts continues to describe the missing flowers, and even included a recent photo.. “Beautiful big red Hibiscus – every single one of them…