VIDEO: Maddie Beck charged with violating bond conditions, video shows her moments before arrest

25-year-old Madeline Beck now makes her third appearance on Scoop: Nashville, after a video appears to show her under the influence of a mind-altering substance Saturday at a location she wasn’t allowed to be at, and after someone had to come and pick up her child as she was unable to provide appropriate care, according to court documents.

ARREST: “Mommy put hands around daddy’s neck”

Mayrel Munoz-Reyes, 40, is charged with aggravated assault by strangulation after police say she choked her long-term boyfriend in front of their daughter in Antioch on January 7th, stating he would not ‘give her space’ in the living room.

Mother says it was discipline, Police say it was an assault

35-year-old Archangalena Tassy was charged with domestic assault after she bruised her own knuckles “disciplining” her son, according to Metro Police.

Whitney McCormick – EN Mother of the Year!

Maybe she’s joking, maybe she’s not – but who types this stuff and posts it online under their own name? As a mother, I can’t fathom this happening. We only present you with screenshots and commentary, form your own opinions. We award you ‘EN Mother of the Year’… because who doesn’t hide their marijuana in their child’s trick-or-treating candy bag, right? Despite multiple people warning her that this stuff should not be posted, and getting responses from her such as “Hey, thanks” & “Who cares? It comes from the earth, maaan”…