Marco Takla was handcuffed at Hustler Club Nashville – but not in the way he wanted

22-year-old Marco Takla caused a disturbance at Hustler Club Nashville in the early hours of Friday morning, and security called Metro Nashville Police for assistance. Officers arrived to find Marco Takla arguing with security, who had asked him multiple times to leave the property. Officers gave him the opportunity to walk away and off the property, at which point he began arguing with the police officers. He was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass.

Man assaults ex when she won’t perform oral sex after buying her food — Samuel Inaboya

21-year-old Samuel Inaboya was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on an outstanding warrant charging him with the domestic assault of his ex-girlfriend, Hailey Brooks. She says on January 27th he was dropping her off at her home after buying her something to eat, and he demanded she give him oral sex for the trouble, and when she refused he attempted to take the bag of food back from her. She says he then grabbed her necklace and shirt and struck her on the back of the head multiple times. While her feet were on the console kicking him in self-defense he pushed her out of the car and fled the scene. She was treated for a concussion and bruises from the assault.

DUI: Woman blames crash on argument, breathalyzer determines that was a lie — Anna Bea Major arrested

25-year-old Anna Bea Major was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday night after she crashed her vehicle in downtown Nashville. When officers arrived on scene, she told them the cause of the wreck was because of an argument with her roommate. A breathalyzer determined that was a lie. She blew over double the legal limit, a .182 % BAC at booking. She is free on pre-trial release.

In 2019 Major was arrested after leaving the Exit Inn, where she was a bartender and was in a crash on the interstate in which she hit a wall and fled the scene. During that incident, she admitted to drinking prior to driving, and officers located marijuana and cocaine on her person incident to arrest.

Ethan Loveless (Recorded & Shared Sex w/o Girl’s Permission) Given Deferred Judgment / No Conviction

4 months after his arrest (a felony charge) for illegally videotaping a sexual encounter with a girl without her knowledge, and sharing it on social media without her permission, Ethan Loveless appeared in court today in Nashville. In a plea deal, he will get 11/29 unsupervised probation – which as long as he completes with no other charges, this charge will disappear and be expunged like it never happened. Except for here. We’re publishing it before expungement. So for here, it will remain forever. All it cost him? $375.50 in…

Ethan Loveless Arrested for Snapchatting Sex Without Permission, Even Though Her “face ain’t in it”

On Tuesday (08/15) Ethan Christopher Loveless found out that you can’t record sexual conquests and snapchat them to a friend via your iPhone, without the permission of your sexual partner in the video. This is illegal, and will get you arrested, which is what happened to Loveless yesterday afternoon. He was booked into the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and charged with TCA 39-13-605*2, Photography- Dissemination of Unlawful Photos, a felony described as to ‘DISSEMINATE A VIDEO RECORDING OF A SEXUAL ACT INVOLVING THE LISTED VICTIM WITHOUT THE CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE OF THE…

COCAINE ARREST: Michael Miedaner – “I sometimes make good decisions.”

UPDATE: All charges were dismissed in this case. Michael R Miedaner, who just moved to Nashville in June, was arrested late Monday night on multiple charges. He currently remains in custody with a $28,000 bond, and is scheduled for court on Monday 08/07/17. The charges: Drug-Free Sch.Zone (FELONY) – $25,000 BOND UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE (MISD) – $2,500 BOND PUBLIC INTOXICATION (MISD) – $500 BOND According to his social media, Miedaner was just accepted to graduate school at MTSU 2 days prior. In what was possibly a celebration,…