No payment, no problem. Trio ran their own wire to NES pole — Christie Murphy, Leon Welch, & Jessica Whitaker

While responding to a downed power-line call on March 25, Nashville Fire observed a homemade/illegal wire connecting a Fernwood Drive home to the power pole and electric grid. NES arrived and confirmed it was an illegal line and was bypassing the meter on the home, which was previously disconnected. 48-year-old Christie Murphy, Leon Welch, & 39-year-old Jessica Whitaker were all living in the home and were taken into custody and charged with theft of services.

Metro Council set to pass NES bill ’round-up’ program tonight, NES ‘welcomes’ the resolution.

It’s back – the vote is TONIGHT to round up your NES bill without asking:

“The Metropolitan Council hereby goes on record as formally requesting NES to implement a customer-remove Round-Up donation program, such that all ratepayers will be enrolled in the program automatically, creating a reasonable and sustainable source of revenue for its low-income weatherization program.”

Metro Council set to vote on “Encouraging” NES to round-up your payment each month, without your permission

NES isn’t getting enough people to ‘opt-in’ to round their bill up to the next whole dollar, to benefit their ‘Home Energy Uplift’ program, so they’re asking the Metro Council for their blessing to OPT-IN every single Nashvillian  to the program, without asking their for permission, increasing the amount they pay each month. The council will vote on the resolution Wednesday night.

Nashville Electric Service (NES) Spends Money on Custom Signage to BAN Pokemon Go ‘Activities’ for Customers While On Public Utility’s Property. [UPDATED]

Don’t open the app on your phone, allow your kids to have the trading cards, or even talk about Pokemon go while at NES! All these related activities are supposedly ‘PROHIBITED’! **UPDATE BELOW, in a response NES states they “had customers entering the lobby appearing to be taking pictures of employees as a “Jewell” for the game” – showing just how out of touch they are with something they created a policy against. In no world would anyone be taking a photo of a NES employee for any portion of…