Jessica Robertson threatens to kill everyone in a school over third-grade retention policy

20-year-old Jessica Robertson is charged with threatening mass violence against a school after she called J.T. Moore middle school and threatened to kill everyone, stating she was upset about the 3rd-grand retention policy, which makes some students repeat the school year if they do poorly on a single test. Robertson called the school on May 24 and left a voicemail stating, “Hey, I have a question. Why the f*-k do y’all government think it’s OK to make g*dd-mn third graders repeat f*-king elementary school? Like, what the f-*k? I’m gonna kill y’all. Bye.”

School personnel matched the caller ID to a family with prior children at the school and turned the information over to detectives, who visited the family’s home. The parents at the location confirmed the number belonged to their daughter, Jessica Robertson. They said a few days prior, the news was on TV, and Jessica became enraged about this particular story and informed her mother was “going upstairs to call the government!”

Aunt punches 15-year-old in face, drags her by hair, to expedite her departure to school

When a 15-year-old was slow to get ready for school Tuesday morning her Aunt/Guardian, 34-year-old Alyse Howard, decided to expedite her departure by pulling her toward the front door by her hair, punching her in the face with her fist, and striking her with a shoe until she was outside the door, which she then locked.

8-year-old suffers broken clavicle after being ‘restrained’ by MNPS teacher – $8K Settlement

Metro Nashville has now settled the claim of an 8-year-old that suffered a broken clavicle (collarbone) after being restrained by an Una Elementary School teacher, for $8,000 with the parent of the child. 

School Board Showdown. Board member asks teachers to come wearing masks, Director seeks to fill seats with his own friends

A school board member asking teachers to show up in masks. A judge on the radio asking black listeners to show up and fill the seats first. Welcome to the first Metro School Board meeting of 2019, tonight at 5 p.m.

Why Dr. Shawn Joseph requires a chauffeur: He’s horrible at driving & paying tickets.

Reckless driving charges, speeding, 54 in a 35 mph zone, 85 in a 55 mph zone, failure to appear. Tickets in multiple states, one of them unpaid for years. It’s no wonder why MNPS Director Shawn Joseph prefers a personal driver for his daily activities across the city.