Tourist Aaron Walker charged with punching his wife during assault at DoubleTree Hotel downtown

An employee at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Nashville heard the yelling and screaming of obscenities and insults coming from a room as he exited an elevator in the early hours of Saturday morning. The employee knocked on the door, and 43-year-old Aaron Walker opened the door, and behind him was Walker’s wife, Caroline, lying on the floor crying. Police were notified about the incident and found Caroline sitting outside the room when they arrived. She says the couple was arguing about financial issues when Aaron punched her with a closed fist. She says she threw a cell phone at him in response. Aaron’s story changed several times during questioning, and he was determined to be the primary aggressor and charged with domestic assault.

Ryan Price jailed after becoming drunk and disorderly and Play Dance Bar in Nashville

23-year-old Ryan Price was handcuffed by security at Play Dance Bar on Church Street in Nashville after he jumped over a brick wall outside the venue and became aggressive toward them. He had just been removed from the bar due to his level of intoxication and behavior. Metro Nashville Police arrived and offered him an ambulance, which he refused. He stated he would just walk home, which officers wouldn’t allow. His uncle attempted to assist him with a ride home, but he became even more belligerent. Price was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Heidi Willis jailed after fight at Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 50-year-old Heidi Willis attacked another woman at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville Saturday, hitting her and pulling her hair. The victim initially wanted to prosecute but later changed her mind when the process was explained. Due to her extreme level of intoxication and behavior, Willis was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Gareth Jones too drunk & disorderly in downtown Nashville

39-year-old Gareth Jones was on the corner of 4th & Demonbreun in downtown Nashville late Friday night when he approached officers in a state of extreme intoxication. Officers told him to find a safe ride home, but a few minutes later, he was found walking into other people on the sideway and becoming more disorderly. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Robert Jamison tumbles down stairs at Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville

33-year-old Robert Jamison took a tumble down the stairs at Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville late Saturday night. Medics and police responded to the venue, and Jamison was medically cleared. He was advised to get a safe ride home but refused to leave the bar. Due to his high level of intoxication and inability to care for himself, Jamison was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Ah Neesa Spencer jailed after fighting at Miranda Lambert’s bar in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Ah Neesa Spencer caused such a drunken disturbance at Miranda Lambert’s bar in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning that she had to be detained by security after attempting to fight them. Metro Nashville Police officers arrived, and she was transferred into their custody. Due to her level of intoxication and being a danger to herself, Spencer was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Jennifer Estes too drunk for Legends Corner in downtown Nashville

49-year-old Jennifer Estes was kicked out of Legends Corner on Broadway in downtown Nashville late Saturday evening due to her level of intoxication. She continued to try to re-enter the venue and was denied. Nearby officers took note of her drunkenness, and she stated she had been drinking along with taking medication. Officers attempted to contact friends or get her to her home or hotel but were unsuccessful.

Mitchell Phy: Drunkenly attacks police at Nashville International Airport

41-year-old Mitchell Phy was at the Nashville International Airport at noon on Saturday when he fell over. Officers arrived to assist, believing he may be diabetic or having a medical episode, but he advised his issue wasn’t medical in nature but rather a matter of intoxication. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and was unable to even sit up without assistance. He was advised he was being taken into custody for public intoxication and was placed in a wheelchair to be transported to a patrol car. He was told to place his hands behind his back, and he refused and pulled away from officers, then forcefully struck an officer in the forehead. Phy was taken to the ground and cuffed and then kicked another officer in the leg.

Leonard Hensley jailed after punching girlfriend’s car after asking her to leave

34-year-old Leonard Hensley was jailed on Mar 5th after slamming his fists onto the hood of his girlfriend’s car and causing damage after an argument. Abigail Jane Brumbeloe told police that after an argument with Hensley, he asked her to leave. She gathered her belongings, went outside, and got in her car. Hensley followed her and slammed his fists into the hood of her car. After driving away, she saw the damage and notified the police.

Matthew Ingram, 32, lives with his mother & she says it’s time to go

32-year-old Matthew Ingram was jailed on Mar 18th for threatening to kill his mother after an argument started about it being time for him to move out of her home on Selma Avenue. Michelle Ingram told police that her son Matthew was belligerent during the argument and said, ” Once I get my $1,500, I’m going to kill you. ” Michelle feared for her life and told police that Mathew may have been on narcotics and had prior mental health issues. After the incident, his mother sought a warrant for harassment/threats, and it was granted by a night court commissioner.

The following day, she called the police to report Ingram was at her home and refused to leave, and he now had an outstanding warrant. Officers arrived and explained to Ingram several times that there was a warrant out for his arrest and that he needed to put his hands behind his back to be placed into handcuffs. Ingram immediately resisted by bringing his arms up to his chest and sitting on the ground. Police struggled with his disobedience and had to pull Ingram’s arms behind his back to cuff him forcefully. After the incident, Ingram told police, “I could’ve went way harder on y’all.”