Kelvin Barranco caught doing burnouts in his pink BMW on Hickory Hollow

23-year-old Kelvin Barranco did a “burnout” in the parking lot of the Southeast Library on Hickory Hollow Parkway on March 23rd. Officers observed a large amount of dust and smoke coming from the tires of his pink BMW 325, followed by a loud “revving sound.” They approached him, and he provided them with his driver’s credentials, which returned with suspended status. Officers discovered the location had an active trespass waiver on file, and he was cited for the incident. Barranco was booked on the citations of reckless driving and criminal trespass on April 26th.

DUI: Douglas Holmes caught drunk in McDonald’s drive-thru

58-year-old Douglas Holmes was jailed on February 17th after reports of an intoxicated individual in the drive-thru at the McDonalds on Robinson Road. Officers arrived and found Holmes in the driver’s seat of a silver Hyundai Sonata. He was asked to park his car and perform sobriety tests. When he stepped out of the vehicle, he couldn’t keep his balance and admitted to having one beer at a Mexican restaurant a few hours prior. He performed poorly on sobriety tests and was transported to General Hospital for a blood sample.

Cayley Phillips bites an officer who arrested her for DUI; after her parents turned her in to police

24-year-old Cayley Phillips was driving on Briley Parkway early Friday morning when her parents called police and asked them to conduct a welfare check on her, as they believed she may be intoxicated. Officers located Phillips, who was visibly intoxicated. She initially stated she was “just emotional” but later admitted to consuming “three shots” earlier in the evening. She consented to a breathalyzer but became physically aggressive and verbally abusive when she was woken up to provide the sample. During booking, she began to fight officers and bit one on the arm during the struggle. She then broke some of his equipment. 

Andrew Gifford — high on marijuana, emotional, and crying, during DUI arrest

26-year-old Andrew Gifford was standing outside his gold Ford Taurus on Whites Creek Pike Sunday when officers stopped to assist him with his broken-down vehicle. He was “emotional and crying” when officers arrived, and they assisted him in fixing the batter connection. He volunteered he had smoked marijuana earlier, but officers did not immediately believe him to be too intoxicated to drive, and he was allowed to drive away and continue about his journey. Officers were traveling behind him a short distance down the road when he began to swerve and crossed both lines several times. A traffic stop was conducted, and Gifford was once again having emotional swings, from calm to angry, to crying, repeatedly. He was placed into the patrol car, where he fell asleep. He was taken into custody and charged with DUI. A blood draw was conducted at Metro General Hospital.

Anthony Brown used fake ID at Top Golf to drink prior to DUI crash on Briley Parkway

20-year-old Anthony Brown says he consumed “two 12 oz beers” at Top Golf before reaching his car on Briley Parkway early Saturday morning. During the crash investigation, officers located a fake state identification card and confiscated it. Brown performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to the hospital for a blood draw and then to booking.

Taylor Warren assaults husband with birthday cake, a pistol, and her fists, per report

Police say 20-year-old Taylor Dawn Warren threw a birthday cake at her husband, Robert Wayne Warren, in a church parking lot, then punched him in the face and pulled a maroon handgun, and pistol-whipped him. She had met her husband, who was with his friend Samuel Mei, at the Church as she was upset that he went hunting early in the morning, and she had baked a cake for his birthday. When she assaulted him with the gun, he disarmed her, and Sammy held onto the gun and turned it over to officers who met Robert and Sam nearby after they fled the scene. Taylor met with officers and stated she was angry with her husband and admitted to the assault with the cake, but claimed the maroon gun was not hers.

Caleb Krantz charged with harassment of (ex) girlfriend; making threats via phone

20-year-old Caleb Krantz was arrested this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with the harassment of Kara Hawkins, who was described as his ex-girlfriend in the July arrest warrant, but who is described as his current girlfriend again currently on social media. The warrant details that on July 15th, Hawkins returned to their shared home on Old Clarksville Pike with a moving truck to pack her things and leave the home. She says she called him before she arrived, and he threatened her, saying, “I’m gonna f*/k you up” if she continued on her way there. She says that due to the previous history of domestic violence with Krantz, this placed her in fear for her safety. A recording of the threat was saved.

Tourist charged with disorderly conduct after assaulting police officer — Robert Eberhardt #PreTrialRelease

60-year-old Rober Eberhardt, of Arizona, is charged with disorderly conduct after he was at Lucky Bastard Saloon in downtown Nashville this weekend and became upset after his wife suffered an injury and security escorted him out of the venue. He attempted to re-enter the establishment, at which time Officer Sizemore told him he could not re-enter, and he grabbed the police officer’s shoulder with both hands and pushed him backward. He was transported to booking, charged with disorderly conduct, and is free on pre-trial release.