Drunk tourist kicked out of bar, tries punching his way back inside — Daniel Abeln arrested

22-year-old tourist Daniel ‘Danny’ Abeln was kicked out of Honky Tonk Central on Broadway downtown Nashville, and once he was escorted outside he decided he’d rather be back inside and continued to attempt to regain entry.

After multiple failed attempts, he then attempted to punch security multiple times. Due to his behavior, Abelin was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Maryland tourist assaults girlfriend at Noelle Hotel in downtown Nashville — Joseph Miller

36-year-old tourist Joseph Miller is charged with domestic assault after Nashville police say he pushed his girlfriend over while inside the Noelle Hotel in downtown Nashville, causing visible injuries to her head, and property damage inside the room. Miller, who is from Maryland, is free on a $1,000 cash bond. #VisitMusicCity

Uber/Lyft Drivers Ridicule Muslim Driver for Praying at Nashville Airport Waiting Area

Uber drivers are independent contractors, not company employees, so they have a lot of wiggle room in the ‘co-workers’ concept – because they have no co-workers, as they are their own boss, simply sharing a ride-hailing platform. So when they do something that in any regular job would land you sitting across from an HR manager, and likely a security escort to clean out your desk, there is often no equivalent action in the world of independent contracting. But what was witnessed Thursday, as ride-share drivers ridiculed and made fun…