DUI: Olivia Grant blows 0.218% BAC after “one beer and one shot of tequila” – injury crash

25-year-old Olivia Grant was charged with a DUI on December 19. According to police, Olivia crashed her jeep while driving home from downtown Nashville when she went the wrong way onto an interstate onramp due to being tired. Olivia admitted to police that she had consumed “one beer and one shot of tequila.” She was transported to East Precinct to complete a field sobriety test. Officers report she was unable to walk a straight line, keep her head straight, unable to keep her balance, or keep her arms at her side during the test. She consented to a breathalyzer test and was transported to Metro Nashville Jail, where she blew a .218% BAC.

Jessica Shaffer arrested after “irate” outburst at Nashville Airport

44-year-old Jessica Shaffer was charged with disorderly conduct at the Nashville International Airport after police say she became “irate” at the Southwest Airlines gate area on March 30th. She was reportedly yelling profanities at the gate agents and passengers. She was denied boarding and refused to leave the area, then began to scream at police while displaying what they considered to be “threatening behavior”. The reason for her rage was not immediately known to police.

Tourists: Son punches father in Nashville hotel room, father punches back — Matthew Gagnon arrested

22-year-old Matthew Gagnon ended his vacation in custody Wednesday after he punched his father and continued coming at him until his father eventually punched him back in self-defense in a downtown Nashville hotel room.