DUI: Lynard Jones unable to tell officers what day it is after crashing his car

41-year-old Lynard Jones was seen driving under the influence after a car accident on Whites Creek Pike on July 7th. When officers arrived on the scene, Jones was being treated for injuries to his back. When officers went to speak with Jones, they immediately noticed the strong smell of alcohol coming from his breath. Jones also admitted to officers that he was drinking before the accident. Due to Jones’ injuries, he was then transported to the hospital, where officers spoke with him again. Officers first asked him what day it was, and Jones could not answer, having to look at his watch to answer the question. Officers then asked Jones how many drinks he had, and he admitted to having three to five drinks that morning. When officers asked Jones what time he had consumed alcohol, he stated 10  or 11 a.m., but when they asked him, it was only 10:45 a.m. A passerby also called in the vehicle accident at 9:54 a.m. Officers also asked Jones what he was drinking, to which he admitted to a Bloody Mary. Officers then performed sobriety tests, and Jones showed numerous indicators of intoxication on the test. Officers deemed Jones to be intoxicated, and he was then taken into custody for DUI.

#FreakNik: Abanoub Awed fishtails in Dodge Charger, stolen Glock 45 found in car

20-year-old Abanoub Awed fishtailed his Dodge Charger around several pedestrians near Hadley Park on April 13th. Officers observed him screeching his tires and losing control of his car, so they conducted a traffic stop, where they located a black Glock 45 9mm under the front passenger seat. Officers ran the serial number of the firearm and it returned as reported stolen by Leonel Perez. Awed was taken into custody for reckless endangerment and theft of a firearm on April 14th.

Keon Smith drives his momma’s Nissan Altima, gets caught with 523 Grams of marijuana

21-year-old Keon Smith drove his mother’s Nissan Altima with heavily tinted windows into the parking lot in front of Kings Market Vape & Smoke Shop on Jefferson Street in the early hours of April 6th. Officers observed an individual exit the passenger side, enter the store, and return to the Altima before leaving, so they followed them and conducted a traffic stop on Underwood Street. After Smith parked the car, he and his passenger exited and started to distance themselves from the Nissan until officers began to speak with them. Smith told officers he was giving his friend a ride to the store. Smith’s family members started coming outside while the police were interviewing him, briefly interrupting their investigation. Then, officers discovered that Smith only possessed a learner’s permit. Shortly after, officers noticed a digital scale with single-use plastic bags in the cup holder of the Altima and a large bag of marijuana, which later weighed 138.1 grams, sitting on the backseat. Officers detained Smith and searched the rest of the Altima, where they located a bookbag with three large bags of marijuana weighing 207.2 grams, 133.0 grams, and 45.4 grams, as well as 12 individual-wrapped brownies. Officers seized a total of 523.7 grams of marijuana and $4,510 in US currency. Officers went to speak with the passenger and learned he was not involved in the sale of marijuana. Smith told them he was giving his “Cuz” a ride to the store. Smith was taken into custody for possession of Schedule VI with intent to sell, the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and driving a vehicle with tinted windows.

DUI: Sarah Bihogo drives the wrong way on I-65

20-year-old Sarah Bihogo drove down the wrong way toward oncoming traffic on I-65 South in the early hours of March 17th. Officers observed this and then conducted a traffic stop near Hampton Street and West Trinity Lane. When they approached Bihogo, they noticed she reeked of alcohol and asked her to step out for sobriety tests, which she consented to and performed poorly. When she exited the car before the sobriety tests, the officers noticed a large empty tequila bottle by her feet. After explaining implied consent to Bihogo, she refused repeatedly to provide a chemical sample. Then Bihogo was taken into custody for underage driving while impaired, reckless driving, and implied consent.

DUI: Justin Kindred defecates on himself after drinking 2 shots of Tequila

30-year-old Justin Kindred was found impaired at Briley Parkway on March 10th. When officers contacted Kindred, he told them he didn’t need medical attention. It appeared that Kindred had vomited on the side of his truck and defecated. Once officers told him to get out of his vehicle, he admitted to drinking two shots of tequila. Kindred consented to sobriety tests but was halted due to safety concerns. When officers conducted a probable cause search, they located a Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun. Kindred was read implied consent and refused to provide a sample. Kindred was taken into custody for DUI, implied consent, and possessing a weapon under the influence.

Demarcus Foster free on pre-trial release; drugs, gun, reckless driving, evading arrest

18-year-old Demarcus Foster was jailed on June 4th after police saw him speeding out of a parking lot on Merritt Boulevard. Police began to follow Foster, who stopped his vehicle in the middle of the roadway near Almeda Street and yelled out of the driver’s side window that he needed to get somewhere because his car was breaking down. He tried to wave police by, but instead, the police activated their emergency lights. Police asked Foster to step out of the vehicle, and he began pacing and sweating profusely. He spoke quickly, telling police he was acting strange because he “ain’t got no L’s.” The officer asked him to specify what an “L” was, and he said it meant his driver’s license.

The officer asked Foster to relax and sit on the hood of the patrol car. He complied with the command, but when the officer attempted to search Foster’s vehicle, he sat up and said, “You ain’t gotta do all that.” Officers saw a 9mm Ruger Handgun in plain view on the driver’s side floorboard and attempted to place Foster in handcuffs, but he pushed off the officer’s neck and chest, knocking off the body camera, and took off running. The officer told Foster to stop running, but he continued until he was tased. Once in custody, police found half an ecstasy pill and a small bag of crack/cocaine in Foster’s front pocket.

The vehicle plates displayed did not match the vehicle, Foster was driving a Nissan Sentra, but the plates belonged to a Ford Fiesta. Once at booking, Foster told police he ran because he has pending gun charges in another county, and he thought the current incident would affect that. He also stated that he knew he would be pulled over when he sped out of the parking lot and “screeched” his tires.

DUI: Chase Pettingill jailed after crashing into police car at 2 a.m.

29-year-old Chase Alexander Pettingill faces multiple charges after police say he drove into the rear of a Metro Nashville Police car with an officer inside. Officers were conducting an unrelated traffic stop on W Trinity Lane at 2 a.m. Friday when Pettingill approached them while drifting between lanes. He ultimately failed to maintain control of his vehicle and crashed into the rear of a patrol car. Officers say Pettingill was confused, did not understand verbal commands, and smelled of alcohol. A vape pen with THC oil was also removed from his pocket. He refused all sobriety testing and requested a lawyer. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Tyche Lewis jailed after firing shot during argument

24-year-old Tyche Lewis was arrested for a shooting in a gas station parking lot. On the 25th, officers were dispatched to a report of a shooting on West Creek Pike. Officers spoke with the victim (Quintin Couch), the passenger of the vehicle. They were trying to back into a parking spot at a gas station, and Lewis was speeding past them and had to stop quickly to avoid hitting their car. Couch started recording once Lewis started yelling as she was driving by. She pulled a gun out and pointed it at Couch. She yelled, ” I’M GOING TO SHOOT YOU, AND I DON’T CARE IF YOU CALL THE POLICE BECAUSE I AIN’T SCARED OF THEM!” After making that statement, she put a live round in the chamber and fired one shot in their direction before driving away. Officers looked up the license plate number provided from the video to get her contact information. Officers pulled up to Lewis’ home and also learned that her license had been revoked. She was then placed into custody.

Aaliyah Cooke found with handgun after DUI crash on interstate

44-year-old Aaliyah Cooke crashed her vehicle on I-65 on January 7 but stated she was not injured when officers arrived at the scene. As she spoke with first responders, they reported smelling alcohol coming from her breath. She admitted she had just come from a bar and was on her way home when she crashed. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and had a handgun on her at the time of her arrest.

Abigail Ortiz assaults husband with boot & bleaches his clothes

Late Sunday night, 44-year-old Abigail Carrera Ortiz threw a boot at her husband of twenty years. Abigail and Johnny Ortiz were having a verbal altercation that escalated as it progressed. As Johnny was gathering his clothing to leave the residence, he discovered all of his clothing was saturated with bleach.