Keaton Caffrey throws cup of ice water onto police officer from rooftop of Jason Aldean’s

22-year-old Keaton Caffrey was on the rooftop of Jason Aldean’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning when he threw a cup of ice water onto a police officer walking in the alleyway below. Freshly soaked officer Paul Stein contacted security, who obtained video of the incident and located Caffrey, and detained him. Officers took him into custody and charged him with assault of a police officer.

Troy Garrett pushes girlfriend to ground after each searches the other’s phone

19-year-old Troy Cole (Garrett) is charged with the domestic assault of his girl, Zatiyah Dixon, after admitting to pushing her to the ground as each scrolled through the other person’s phone. The incident occurred on January 2nd, and he says Zatiyah accused him of cheating while searching his phone. The victim says Troy became upset as he was scrolling through her phone, too, and pushed her to the ground.

California Tourist punches cop in face after being kicked out of Kid Rock’s Bar — Connor Brink-Sawyer

Metro Nashville Police officers say they repeatedly pleaded with 24-year-old Connor Lee Brink-Sawyer to go on about his night after he was kicked out of Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville for fighting inside the venue. Brink-Sawyer repeatedly tried to re-enter the bar and was extremely intoxicated. Despite attempts to let him walk away, he became aggressive toward officers, resulting in his initial arrest for public intoxication. As an officer began to take him into custody for a charge he would have walked away from after a sobering-up period, Brink-Sawyer began to swing his fists at officers, he landed a punch on the face of Officer Michael Jason Leon Hones.

Brink-Sawyer was transported to the Metro Nashville Jail, where he was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault of an officer. Connor Brink-Sawyer, who is from Modesto, CA, is free on pre-trial release. Today is his 24th birthday.

Woman has lover arrested for leaving morning ‘gift’ in her eye.

A Nashville woman awoke to a surprise Saturday morning. She told police she opened her eyes at approximately 10 a.m. and noticed her intimate partner taking care of business in the bedroom closet. She says when he noticed she was awake, he walked over and gave her an unwanted gift that in a location only Lisa Lopes would appreciate. The victim was at her apartment at The Gossett on Church Saturday morning when she says she was sleeping in her bedroom and began to wake up. As she was opening…