Man charged with assault of ex-girlfriend who found him in his own house with a new woman — Elijah Hargrove

23-year-old Elijah Hargrove is charged with the domestic assault of his ex-girlfriend, Brittnei Carney, after she made her way into his home and found him with his new girlfriend, under the guise of “looking for a key”. His roommate let the ex-girlfriend into the house to look for the key, and while she was there, along with her little cousin, Hargrove emerged from his bedroom but blocked the door, and the ex-girlfriend soon realized he had another woman in the bedroom of his house. A dramatic argument ensued, resulting in him being accused of pushing his ex-girlfriend, gripping her color, and pulling her to the ground while allegedly holding her down by the neck. The ex-girlfriend went before a magistrate and got a private prosecution warrant for domestic assault. Hargrove was booked on the outstanding warrant on Saturday and is free on a $1,000 bond.