Ollie Curtis throws glass jar at boyfriend during drunken altercation

55-year-old Ollie Curtis was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Loy Mcvea, at their Banbury Drive residence on July 9th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Curtis, who stated that McVea had been upset that she was talking on the phone with her friend Eric. Curtis then told officers that McVea then tried to grab her phone. In response to this, she threw a glass cup at him but told officers that it did not hit him. Curtis then claimed that McVea dragged her outside by the arm and took her phone before striking her in the head. While Curtis was speaking with the officers, they noticed the smell of alcohol on her breath, as well as Curtis’ inability to link the events together. Officers then spoke with McVea, who informed officers that Curtis had been drinking since the previous night. McVea stated that she had randomly become angry and threw a Mason jar at him. McVea then told officers that he ducked, but the glass jar had hit him in his left shoulder before shattering on the ground. McVea also told officers that he would never hit a woman and that Curtis was lying about him dragging her. Officers noticed that McVea also appeared intoxicated as he showed indicators of intoxication via his slurred speech and the smell of alcohol coming from him. Due to the statements made and Curtis admitting to throwing the mason jar, she was deemed the primary aggressor. Curtis was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.