Woman charged with shoving man to ground after he confronted her about illegal handicap parking — Barquita Williams

38-year-old Barquita Williams is charged with assault after she pushed a man to the ground who confronted her when she illegally parked in a handicapped parking spot at the Inglewood Kroger. Video footage captured the incident, and a citizen captured her license plate number, leading police to make the arrest. She is free on pre-trial release. Earlier in the month, Williams brought a handgun to an East Nashville High School where she got into a fight on campus.

Details: Mayor Briley’s plan to outsource parking spaces & permits to a private company for $30 mil upfront

DETAILS: Mayor David Briley reveals plan to turn over management of Nashville’s parking spaces to a private company for $30 cash million up front, increase fines by 227%, extend enforcement times to 10 p.m., add Sunday enforcement, increase meter rates, and eliminate free parking for clean energy vehicles.

Kasie Weese Wants to Tow Your Car If You Park On HER Street!

Oh East Nashville, how we have a love-hate relationship with our on-street parking.. perhaps you remember these two neighbors from the past – David Price and Kim Hussey that believed they ‘owned’ the public street parking in front of their homes. Now, to those ranks, we can add busybody nosy neighbor Kasie Weese. She describes herself as “somewhat of a neighborhood watch person” who has recently noticed that a person she didn’t recognize parked their vehicle on her street, and took an Uber to an unknown location, leaving their vehicle…

Metro Police Officer Blocks Access to Sidewalk with Patrol Car at Home

Metro Nashville Police Department Officer Andrae Starling has been noticed by neighbors repeatedly parking his city owned patrol car in his driveway in a manner that completely blocks the sidewalk in front of his home – preventing access by pedestrians, especially those with strollers & wheelchairs – causing them to have to cross the grass and go into the road in order to pass by his home. Metro Codes shows a complaint received via email, entered on 07/20/17, that states  a “metro officer parking his patrol car on sidewalk and…

Hempopotamus Owner Kim Hussey: Reserves Personal Parking Spot on Public Street w/Cones – Bad Neighbor

Kim Hussey, owner of Hempopotamus on Fatherland, may be selling hemp products and CBD oil legally in her shop, but her actions on her street at home are not of the legal nature. That’s right – Kim Hussey is one of THOSE people who thinks she is so entitled that she blocks off ‘her’ parking spot on a street with public parking so that no one can use it when she’s not parked there – something that is certainly illegal according to Metro. She posted in the East Nashville Facebook…