DUI: Pastor says he had “some Bourbon” before plowing into a vehicle at a red light & attempting to flee

57-year-old Pastor Lavan Strickland struck a vehicle at a red light on March 14th, then attempted to flee the scene, only to be stopped by a utility pole he then crashed into, disabling his vehicle. The person he crashed into suffered a lower-back injury, while the pastor admitted to having ‘some Bourbon’ but refused any other specifics.

ARREST: Nashville Minister Emma Dee Harlan confesses to stealing over $10,000 from Walmart as CSM

Nashville Minister Emma Dee Harlan, 60, confesses to stealing over $10,000 from a local Walmart (Dickerson Pike), where she worked as a CSM. Per the affidavit, by the time police arrived to Walmart, Emma Dee Harlan had already provided a written confession to Walmart asset protection employees, who observed the theft on video. Emma Dee Harlan was¬†employed as a customer service manager at this location. On February 9, 2018 a CSM brought out a cash advance to the money center. The cash advance contained $7,500. Emma Dee Harlan can later…