Michelle Hall assaults nurse at Metro General Hospital after losing consciousness at BNA

52-year-old Michelle Hall was transported to Metro General Hospital after losing consciousness at the Nashville International Airport during an arrest for public intoxication on Sunday. She was handcuffed to the stretcher inside an NFD ambulance that transported her after she requested medical attention. Officer Pallan was at the hospital with Michelle while Nurse Jamie Fisher took Michelle’s vitals and started an IV. While performing those tasks, Michelle, handcuffed to either side of a table, kicked at Jamie and struck her arm while being combative as the nurse was doing her job.

Irate passenger Brian Johnson charged with public intoxication at Nashville Airport

37-year-old Brian Wayne Johnson became upset at the Nashville International Airport on January 2 after he was denied boarding due to his level of intoxication. Airport police responded to the gate and attempted to assist him in getting rebooked at a later time. Johnson continued to be irate and was upsetting other passengers in the area. He then threw his backpack down an escalator in a fit of rage. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

You’re too drunk to leave Nashville — Michelle Balke & James Balke arrested at airport

55-year-old Michelle Kay Balke & 60-year-old James Balke were attempting to fly out of Nashville late Monday; however, gate agents at the Nashville International airport denied boarding to both parties due to their extreme level of intoxication. The couple became verbally aggressive, with each one blaming the other for their predicament. Their argument causes a disturbance to airport operations and the gathering of people now watching. Airport police arrived, and they were asked to leave the property. As they were walking out, they again began yelling at each other, and after multiple attempts to calm the situation, both parties were taken into custody for public intoxication.

Alyson Smith jailed after drunken fiasco at Nashville International Airport

26-year-old Alyson Smith was jailed Friday night after she became irate at the Nashville International Airport. She initially approached airport police around 8 p.m. while reeking of alcohol and barely able to stand on her own. She explained her fight had been delayed and he had been drinking and needed a refund. Officer Pallan escorted her to the ticket counter, which was given to her by the American Airlines agent, despite her being obnoxiously loud and cursing during the entire interaction. She was then escorted to pick up her luggage, only to find out that it was already on the plane, so it would have to be sent back and picked up at a later time. This upset Smith even more, and she now demanded to be re-booked, which was denied to her extreme intoxication. She became belligerent and abusive and was placed into custody for public intoxication.