Nashville Councilwoman asks for non-mask wearers to be charged like HIV-carriers if they transmit COVID-19

VIDEO: Metro Councilwoman compares people who transmit COVID-19 without wearing a mask, to those who transmit HIV; asks for them to be similarly charged in the criminal court system – asking if Metro Council can create such legislation. She’s visibly disappointed when she learns she doesn’t have that power.

Metro Council member accidentally goes loud & live during morning toilet session

Just before 6 a.m. Sunday, Metro Council member Steve Glover let loose, while accidentally broadcasting live from his bathroom, sitting on the toilet. It wasn’t a rant that viewers heard, but rather some deuces being dropped – while a confused councilman attempts to figure out what’s going on, and why technology is so hard.

Did Councilman Brett Withers Lie On City Permit Application?

When city councilman Brett Withers bought his house on Granada Av, he wanted to build a deck – except he couldn’t be bothered to go get the permit himself, so he sent someone. That someone was Sherry Carter, an openly gay woman in Nashville; a lesbian, by her own account. This is important, because Brett is an openly gay man. Yet on the legal application for a permit, which is all public record, under oath of a notary, she purported herself to be Brett Wither’s “girlfriend” – a relationship that…