Vodka & Poppers: Nashville man charged with late-night DUI — Michael David Grout

31-year-old Michael David Grout admitted to having two Vodka drinks before driving Sunday night, and police found a bottle of cassette head cleaner (AKA poppers) which he admitted he would huff. He is charged with DUI and free on pre-trial release.

Passed out behind the wheel, Drunk & Poppers – Omar Lopez Arrested.

Around 3:30 AM on Sunday morning, MNPD found a Nissan Rogue on the I-65 off-ramp for Wedgewood. Inside that vehicle was Omar Lopez and a passenger. Lopez was passed out or asleep in the driver’s seat with the vehicle in drive and his foot on the brake. His passenger was also passed out/asleep. Lopez was arrested on multiple charges, including possession & DUI – and this isn’t the first time he was found passed out behind the wheel. According to a police report, officers attempted to wake Lopez by knocking…