Trevell James charged after robbery and shoot-out with victim & friend

19-year-old Trevell James was booked this week on outstanding warrants for felony aggravated robbery, drug possession, and theft during two incidents on December 27. Police say he entered a business and asked to use the restroom. He then went to the employee locker room, took the jacket of Adam Peler, which contained the keys to his vehicle, and walked out the front door wearing the jacket. On that same day, Trevel James and Alfred Rodriguez attempted to rob Shandarie Barrett of $2,000, which he had been sent to the bank to get. When he was unable to withdraw the money and returned to his residence, he was pistol-whipped and robbed of his phone and passport.

James and Rodrigues then fled the location, and the victim and his friend, Everald Nelson, pursued them throughout South Nashville. Nelson exchanged gunfire with the suspects in the parking lot of a Waffle House. The two suspects then abandoned their car and fled the scene. Inside the abandoned vehicle, officers found four bags of marijuana, totaling one pound in weight. Warrants were issued for their arrest, and James was booked on those this week.

Nashville hairstylist Anjel Fuller driving wrong way with cannabis candy & marijuana in car

Police say 24-year-old Anjel Fuller was traveling Northbound in the Southbound lane as she exited Rivergate Parkway late Thursday night. As officers conducted a traffic stop, a search of the vehicle was completed due to the smell of marijuana. Inside the car was a backpack with 11 cannabis candy packages weighing 3.5 grams each and three baggies of loose marijuana with weights of 24.8 grams, 24.5 grams, and 13.6 grams, and a scale. She is charged with felony drug possession and with drug paraphernalia.