Misty Fain assaults husband as he “falls out” of car in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the downtown district observed David Moore suddenly fall out of the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by his wife, 45-year-old Misty Fain, at the intersection of Korean Veterans Blvd & Hermitage Ave. As he fell out of the vehicle, she put the vehicle in park, then drove forward a few feet, then repeated this a few times until officers activated their emergency equipment, at which time she fled the scene at a high rate of speed, leaving her husband on the ground in the middle of an intersection. The victim explained he was originally driving when they began to argue over the directions to Boot Barn. As the argument escalated, he stopped the car and scooted to the passenger seat as his wife walked around and got in the driver’s seat. At some point, she was yelling and screaming and began to hit and assault him, breaking his glasses. He called 911 and she demanded he exit the car, and he ended up on the ground. Officers documented multiple cuts, scrapes, and scratches to the victim’s face, and broken glasses.

DUI: Dean White says he drink two bottles of Pinot Grigio prior to crash

47-year-old Dean White told off Metro Nashville Police he drank “two bottles of Pinot Grigio” in the early morning hours prior to crashing his car into another vehicle at 11:17 a.m. Saturday. The accident occurred near the Church Street exit of I-40, just blocks from his residence in the 1800 block of Church Street. He further disclosed he had not consumed any food since 7 p.m. Friday. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and had inconsistencies about where he was coming from and what occurred. White refused field sobriety testing, but was transported to Metro General for a blood draw as the other party sustained injuries from the accident.

Samantha Freitas threatens to kick MNPD officers in balls if they don’t arrest her

Just before 3 a.m. Sunday morning, 35-year-old tourist Samantha Freitas approached a Metro Nashville Police officer near 2nd & Broadway and walked into traffic, and demanded to be arrested. She was told to get out of traffic and move on about her evening. She then became verbally aggressive and told the officers she would kick them all in the balls if they did not arrest her. Officers decided she was obviously too intoxicated to care for herself and took her into custody and transported her to booking.

Nashville man charged in sadistic & troubling aggravated assault of girlfriend — Andrew Cheesman arrested

30-year-old Andrew Cheesman is free on a $10,000 bond after being booked Thursday on an outstanding felony warrant charging him in the sadistic aggravated assault/strangulation of his girlfriend two weeks ago when she reportedly did not fold his laundry. Court documents allege he used his finger to poke her in the chest, telling her how selfish and disrespectful she was. As she packed a bag of clothes to leave for the evening she says he placed her in a chokehold, telling her “you can’t leave!” and pushed her on the bed where he punched her in the stomach leaving knots and bruises.

He then continued to kick her inner thighs and genital area, leaving additional bruises. The assault continued as he held her down and stretched her hands above her head while grabbing her fingers and bending them backward to create additional pain and injury, then telling her to “calm down” as he placed her on the couch. Cheesman’s 4-year-old daughter witnessed some of the assault and looked at the victim and told her to “stop crying” and to “quiet down”. Cheesman then told the victim to be quiet and he would get her pain medicine and ice for her injuries. Extensive injuries and bruising to the victim’s entire body, including arms, stomach, legs, neck, hips, inner thighs, and genital area were documented.

Man charged with assaulting lover with cell phone — Joshua Riley arrested

21-year-old Joshua Riley is charged with the domestic assault of his lover, Sarah Bradford, after police say he used her own cellphone to hit her in the eye during an argument. Riley fled the scene but was found less than a mile away. The victim suffered injuries from the assault, and Riley is free on a $1,500 bond.