Jez Castillo jailed for harassment of ex-girlfriend, attempting to break into her home

Metro Nashville Police responded to a home on 11th Ave N. on Monday after Rachel Elrod called to report her ex-boyfriend, 31-year-old Jezreel Castillo, was attempting to gain entry to her home. Castillo was able to make entry into the attached garage but was unable to make entry into the living area as the interior door lock was engaged. Elrod says Castillo then began to text and call her repeatedly — 15 times within 30 minutes in a threatening and harassing manner, leaving her in fear for her life. He fled prior to police arriving but was booked on the charges a few hours later.

DUI: Woman blows 4x legal limit (0.321) BAC after ‘a few beers’ with ex — Christina Morales

Metro Police say 40-year-old Christina Morales crashed in North Nashville, then drove her vehicle to another location before calling police to report the crash. She was obviously intoxicated upon their arrival, and said she had “a few beers”, admitting she had just come from “hanging out with her ex”. She consented to a breathalyzer, on which she blew a 0.321, which is over 4x the legal limit in Tennessee. She is charged with DUI and free on pre-trial release.

Motorist chases down DUI driver who hit him after she drank at Dogwood — Dana Winfrey

24-year-old Dana Winfrey says she had 1 mimosa at Dogwood Nashville earlier in the day before driving her vehicle and crashing into another vehicle on I-65, and fleeing the scene. The victim followed her and blocked her in when she stopped, and waited for police to arrive. Police observed a video of her driving away after the crash, and charged her with DUI, violation of the implied consent law, and leaving the scene of an accident. She is free on pre-trial release.

Attendee charged with DUI just feet from Music City Brewer’s Festival: Luke Krall

42-year-old Luke Krall was charged with DUI Saturday night at a parking lot near 3rd & Broadway, where he crashed. He told police he had attended the Music City Brewer’s Festival, where he had “3 beers”. He is free on a $1,500 cash bond.