35+ year Metro Police veteran asks what black arrestee would look like with bullet hole in forehead

Former MNPD Detective Clinton Vogel, who was with the department for 35+ years, and still fills his social media profiles with photos to appear as if he’s an active-duty MNPD Officer, recently commented on the arrest of Alante Roper (aka Trap Rich Looney), who has a cross tattoo on his forehead. In response to the photo, the former MNPD Officer said “Wonder what a ROUND hole would look like in the middle of his forehead instead of that cross?”, referring to a bullet hole. Even though Vogel is no longer…

After 6 Years On The Force, MNPD Found a Racist, Drug Using Officer in their Ranks.. By Accident

Due to a tip about an MNPD officer using ‘magic mushrooms’ to avoid failing drug tests, MNPD found a string of offenses, including videos of him growing & using the mushrooms, and his history of extreme racists texts send during his patrol shifts. The officer was allowed to resign without any criminal charges being pressed.