Soldier Maxim Donaher too drunk to drive, a friend took his keys, so he punched the friend & his car

25-year-old U.S. Army Soldier Maxim Donaher was drinking at the Red Door Saloon on Division Street and became so intoxicated that his friend who worked there took his car keys from him. Near the end of the evening, Donaher demand his keys to leave the bar, and the friend urged him to check into the hotel next door as he was not sober enough to drive. When he realized his friend was not going to return his keys, he went outside and began punching the friend’s car. The friend attempted to restrain him, and a fight ensued, but Donaher was eventually restrained until police arrived. The friend didn’t want to prosecute for the assault or the vandalism, but did want him removed from the bar. Officers asked the soldier to take an Uber or get a hotel room, both of which were refused. An arrest warrant states “he told the responding officers to just take him to jail and we obliged.”

Lyft Passenger Banned for being “just one of those women where she knows it all”, “alpha female”, “biggest most arrogant, conceited bitch”, According to Driver Shawn Reed. But Was She?

Nashville Lyft Driver Shawn Reed describes a passenger as “just one of those women where she knows it all, alpha female”; “the biggest most arrogant, conceited bitch”. What brought about this description of a passenger by her driver? Imagine if you’re a person that is sensitive to loud noises & bright lights – maybe you just have a headache, and you just want to get home. To be safe, you request a Lyft. The Lyft app tells you when the driver is arriving, and despite that, the driver has sent…