Keyshionna Redmon cashes paper check she had already deposited via mobile banking app

26-year-old Keyshionna Redmon is charged with passing a worthless check after she used mobile deposit to deposit the $250 check into her Regions Bank account, voiding the paper check. Advance Financial says she then brought the paper check to cash it again at their business.

‘Florida’ man opens accounts at Regions Bank using fake identification

46-year-old Craig Crawford was charged with criminal simulation when he attempted to open two Regions Bank accounts using false identification, per report.

Actual Nigerian Scammer Arrested In-Person at Nashville Bank

29-year-old Jelila Adekunie was arrested at a Regions Bank branch in Nashville on April 8th, charged with felony criminal simulation, and impersonation, after she tried to withdraw cash using a fake identity. Police located her Nigerian passport with her real name in the vehicle when her accomplice was also arrested.