DUI: Richard White asleep behind the wheel at a gas pump in West Nashville

Police located 55-year-old Richard White asleep behind the wheel of a black truck at a Charlotte Pike gas station. The vehicle was running and had been parked for about an hour, according to the store clerk. After blocking in the vehicle, officers were able to wake the man, who was highly intoxicated. He stated he came from a friend’s house in Green Hills and had two bourbon ales at Casa de Montecristo in the Gulch prior to that.

Nashville Fire District Chief Tim Lankford “So Disturbed” by Gay Marriage Ruling, He Can “Barely Even Function” at His Job

UPDATE: See recent updates on the Tim Lankford Social Media Nightmare… and more local media coverage here. In our 5th installment, Nashville Fire Department District EMS Chief, Tim Lankford, doesn’t even attempt to hide his views of the LGBT Community – including those that serve under him in the Nashville Fire Department in various roles. Since our first post on him last week he has since removed his job title from his Facebook account, but his hateful posts remain. According to publicly available records, Tim Lankford is employed by the…