Sadonia Kertchaval jailed after drunken fighting in downtown Nashville

33-year-old Sadonia Kertchaval was jailed on September 23rd after police responded to a call regarding a shoplifter at a convenience store on Lafayette Street. When police arrived, they observed Kertchaval and multiple others threatening to fight one another. Officers detained Kertchaval to keep her from fighting, but she continued to make threats and lunge at people until she was placed in the back of the patrol vehicle. Officers could smell alcohol coming from Kertchaval, and she advised that she had a few drinks before the incident. The officers told her they would let her go if she left the area with her friend and advised that she would be arrested if she tried to fight the people around her. She agreed, and the officers took the handcuffs off of her. As soon as she was uncuffed, she immediately walked past her friend’s car and toward the people around her to try to fight once again. Her friend had to hold her back. She was then placed into custody and transported to booking.