Nashville woman and her boyfriend caught with fentanyl and marijuana in Lebanon

39-year-old Dreama Stacy and 43-year-old Patrick Merchant were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of fentanyl, and possession of marijuana with intent after being pulled over for improperly changing lanes.

Antioch lady charged found with 128 grams of cannabis after “anonymous” report spurs search

24-year-old Alexius Williams was charged with possession of marijuana and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia when Crime Scene Unit detectives performed a “knock and talk” at her home on an “anonymous drug complaint”.

If you keep getting caught, you should probably just give up: Kedrick Ross Arrested. Again.

Kedrick Ross, age 27, now has 7 physical arrests covering 24 charges, another 6 citations, and 4 grand jury indictments – all related to selling & using drugs in Nashville, and that’s not counting his multiple probation violation arrests. His most recent arrest was on Thursday, when he was observed selling drugs in the Watkins College of Art parking lot.

All the Ketamine: Mason Lanius & Margaret (Addie) Moor #Arrested

Ketamine. THC Wax. Marijuana. Cocaine. Ecstasy. Ketamine. Xanax. Adderall. Scales. Cash. A loaded 357 (stolen), and did we mention Ketamine? That’s some of what was found in a search conducted yesterday at Apartment 420 in a Nashville apartment complex. Mason Lanius & Margaret (Addie) Moor were arrested late Monday night as the result of a knock and talk, which provided probable cause for a search warrant. CSU detectives conducted a knock and talk at an apartment number 420 in Nashville. Upon knocking on the door police were greeted by Margaret (Addie)…