Brittany Nicole Eakes charged in theft of $4800 in gift cards from Walgreens

20-year-old Brittany Eakes remains jailed after her arrest earlier this week on both a new and old felony theft case. In her latest attempt at greatness, Eakes admitted to stealing $4,875.50 in gift cards from Walgreens at 5600 Charlotte Pike.

The theft was discovered by the accounting department at Walgreens, which also archived the videos of the thefts.

Montavious Cotton charged after CashApp Scam at auto parts store #ConArtist

22-year-old Montavious Cotton was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Sunday on an outstanding theft warrant. The warrant alleges that he and a friend went into an auto parts store in December and approached an employee, Kevin Crowell, claiming they needed a battery but didn’t have any money. The victim was sympathetic and agreed to buy the man a battery if he could be paid back, which Montavious said he would do via CashApp. After the purchase, in a ruse of showing the employee how to use Cashapp, Montavious quickly transferred $205 from the victim’s account to his own, said he “messed up” and would pay it back later, with extra, because he “needed it”. Cotton and his friend quickly fled the store and were never seen again.

Nashville’s “Vacations4You” sues customer over a bad review, asks judge to make her stop calling them a scam

If enough people call something a scam, it’s probably a scam. Nashville company ‘Vacations4You, owned by Greg Minor of Mt. Juliet, filed a lawsuit today asking a judge to issue an injunction on the speech of a customer who gave them a bad review, and called them a “scam”. They’re asking for the judge to order their customer to stop giving them bad reviews… of which they have dozens from other unhappy clients. The company’s own reputation is so shady that the first ‘FAQ’ on the website has to explain “We are not a scam”.

Donpatric Buford charged for role in December carjacking/robbery

Donpatric Buford, 19, was arrested Thursday, charged with his role in a December carjacking at Danny’s Market. Police say Buford drove his co-defendant to the location to commit the crime, and the vehicle was recovered blocks from his residence. He is jailed in lieu of a $40,000 bond.

Wolfmilk: Nashville’s Most Unoriginal Clothing Wanna-Be Company

Nashvillian Ashley Wolfe has a dream. A Dream of starting her own clothing brand, a line of goods with her own conceptual brand ‘Wolfmilk’. Over the years she’s dabbled in various tee shirt designs and online storefronts and even got her shop setup on her own domain. The problem? It’s not original. She‘s copying & pasting clip-art from the internet onto t-shirts, and selling them for $28+. The clip-art is either freely available on royalty free sites, and some is even original private works that were used without royalties or…

Santa’s Pub – Bar Closing or $20K SCAM? [UPDATED]

UPDATED: Just posted on WSMV – The GoFundMe page was not authorized  & ALL MONEY IS BEING RETURNED. “Everybody who donated money, it will be returned to them,” said Santa’s Pub owner Elmer Irwin, who went on to say he’d post a message to Facebook advising anyone who donated money to get it back.“   In the past 24 hours a GoFundMe page has appeared ‘claiming’ to be for Santa’s Pub – a supposed effort to keep the dive bar that a lot of East Nashvillian’s love from closing. Is…