Hailey Bussey found with gun on TSU Campus; claims she “found it”

19-year-old Hailey Bussey was booked on a state citation this week, charging her with possession of a weapon on school property. The Director of Rudolph Hall searched the dorm room of Bussey and located a loaded Taurus PT111 handgun in a tote bag inside her closet. Bussey later called the campus police and stated “I found the gun by Wilson Hall and I was gonna turn it in.”

DUI: Mom charged after being high on drugs in school pick-up line — Lindsey Pugh arrested

Metro Nashville Police found 31-year-old Lindsey Pugh high on Suboxone, and even had a fresh one in her mouth, Thursday afternoon as she was picking up her children from Mt. View Elementary School when she bumped into another vehicle in the pick-up line. She admitted to being on the drug, and that she was also on it earlier that morning when dropping one of her sons off at the school. She is free on a $2,500 bond, charged with her second DUI.

Parent charged after threatening to “shoot up” Wright Middle School in Nashville — Osama Awali

51-year-old Osama Awali is jailed in lieu of a $75,000 bond after threatening to “shoot up” Wright Middle School in Nashville. Upset that the school denied his request to transfer his daughter from the school, he called the MNPS customer service line on Monday and stated that he would show up Tuesday and “punch the principal”, Sharada Deaton, and continued that he “may as well shoot up the place”. He was taken into custody Tuesday as he arrived in the student drop-off lane. Awali is charged with Communicating a threat against a school employee, a misdemeanor.

20-year-old w/gun arrested at JT Moore Middle School

An observant parent was the first to noticed that 20-year-old Joshua Sawyers had a handgun in his jacket pocket at JT Moore middle School on Tuesday as kids were getting into their parent’s cars at afternoon pickup. He is currently held in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

Man tells MNPD he’s “fucking hammered” when found passed out in car at Shwab Elementary School

MNPD Officers found 35-year-old Matthew Johnson passed out across both front seats of his running vehicle, parked at a local elementary school. Johnson told officers “I’m fucking hammered”.
He was charged with DUI, Implied Consent, disorderly conduct, open container, assault of a police officer and resisting arrest. He is now free on pre-trial release.

[Video] Adults threaten students at Maplewood High while teacher watches in silence

Below is a video of an incident that happened at Maplewood High School in Nashville this week, we believe on Wednesday, 04/18/18 (Audio is NSFW). From our observations of the video, a group of adults are inside the school (we believe to be parents/family of other students), and begin to verbally threaten the students with bodily harm. A teacher, who has been identified as “Mr. Jones” comes upon the last half of the altercation, can hear the threats, and never takes any action to calm down the situation, or remove…