2 blunts, totaling just over a tenth of a gram, found in boat after man claimed he smoked it all

21-year-old Logan Anderson was charged with BUI, implied consent, and possession of marijuana when police who were patrolling Percy Priest Lake stopped Anderson for a registration issue and then found weed in his boat.

Tourist gets $100 bond on domestic charge after husband tells police she won’t stop touching him

23-year-old Sydney Workman was charged with domestic assault after continuing to pester her husband when he told her to stop touching him, until he had to push her off and call the police, per report.

Man has bad LSD trip in MNPD Commander’s home; assaulted by gay lover with hammer after punching family dog

22-year-old D’Andre Johnson, a lover of MNPD West Precinct Commander David Corman’s son, ‘Blake’ Corman, had a bad acid trip that started in the Commander’s hot tub this weekend. The incident ended with D’Andre Johnson being moved into the garage after the Commander’s son hit him in the head with a hammer.

Man robs pedestrian at knifepoint; police find Xanax during search

20-year-old Christopher Lara was charged with aggravated robbery and possession of Xanax after a man called police and told them a Hispanic male with face tattoos had mugged him at knifepoint.

‘Maniac Muffin’ burgles property while getting mad at her mother about cigarettes

28-year-old Cynthia “Maniac Muffin” Rencher was charged with an order of protection violation, aggravated burglary, and domestic assault after starting an argument and assaulting her mother over cigarettes.

Man pulls gun on his ex-girlfriend and her father, says he’s going to “shoot everyone”

23-year-old Deonte Foster was charged with three counts of aggravated assault after he pointed a gun at his ex-girlfriend, her father, and her father’s friend while saying he was going to “shoot everyone”.

Dog thief caught on her own video camera stealing neighbor’s dog

25-year-old Christina Hess was charged with theft after she stole the neighbor’s dog, lied about it to him, and got caught by her own video camera and a witness who took photos of her walking the dog.

Duo found with “dime” bag of cocaine after dodging THP in Wilson County

26-year-olds Robert Winston and Desmond Jones were charged with marijuana & cocaine. Winston was also charged with evasion, false imprisonment, order of protection violation, driving revoked, heroin, reckless driving, and paraphernalia after fleeing & speeding through a residential area before crashing through a fence.

Man knowingly uses stolen credit card at Motel 6 while posing as the victim

feat Minassian Nathaniel

18-year-old Nathaniel Minassian was charged with credit card fraud and identity theft after trying to use a stolen credit card at Motel 6.

Antioch man has “party weekend”, returns from AA meeting with “no choice” but to smash things

23-year-old Gregory Bragg was charged with domestic assault after he came home from an AA meeting drunk, assaulted the mother of his children, and told police he smelled of alcohol due to having a “party weekend” prior to these events.