Zumiez employees say Rayburn Hollis kept “getting bigger” as he packed on stolen clothing in dressing room

Employees at Zumiez at Opry Mills Mall say 37-year-old Rayburn Hollis was “acting real nice” to everyone as he browsed the clothing store last July… so much that employees were paying extra attention to him as he entered the dressing room. An employee tells police he “came out much large than he went into the dressing room.” As Hollis attempted to exit the store he was approached by employees and after a lot of “back and forth” he gave up $141 in clothing he had attached to himself in an attempt to steal. Hollis was issued a state citation for theft, for which he never appeared, and he was booked on the outstanding warrant this week.

Pennsylvania Tourist charged with carrying gun into Kid Rock’s Bar — Logan Cibak

21-year-old tourist Logan Cibak spent the weekend in Nashville with his friends from Pennsylvania. While at Kid Rock’s Bar, security noticed he had a M&P Shield 9 mm in a belt holster while drinking beer, and detained him until police arrived. Pennsylvania law does not prohibit an individual from carrying a firearm in a bar, nor is it illegal to drink alcohol while lawfully carrying a firearm. Cibak is free on pre-trial release. #VisitMusicCity