Woman charged with downtown DUI says she had a “single drink at work before leaving — Catherine Friend

25-year-old Catherine Friend is charged with DUI after driving on KVB at 1st Ave. South in downtown Nashville with a damaged front tire. Police made contact with her and noticed immediate signs of intoxication. She admitted to having ‘a single drink’ before leaving her job, and was transported to booking after a stop at Metro General for a blood draw, to which she consented. She is free on pre-trial release.

East Nashville Trash Collectors: Modern Day Tip Mafia

They know where you live. They know what you discard. They know what you’ve bought lately, and if they were the trashmen of yesteryear they could make big cash money by providing this info to crooks on the side (“The Smith house on 12th St just got 3 x 55″ TVs – i picked up the boxes”).  Once a year, they leave mysterious ‘cards’ with their names and personal addresses on them every holiday season – and expect you to leave or mail them a tip for doing their job,…