TDOT’s viral hunk ‘#TDOTHottie’ revealed: Meet Greg Woerdeman

TDOT’s District Operations Supervisor Greg Woerdeman thought it was just another day at work Friday, when he was set to give an update to the press, but by the time he talked about plows and belly scrapers, and made promises to ‘get it cleaned up for you by morning’ viewers found a new viral sensation. #TDOTHottie

Best of East Nashville #Snowpocolypse2016

While we all spent the week in Florida related to our day-jobs, it looks like East Nashville experienced #Snowpocolypse 2016! We are enjoying the remnants of Winter Storm ‘Jonas’ as we still have several inches of snow at our East Nashville residences. We’ve selected our favorites photos from the past few days, the ones we felt that just screams ‘I am East Nashville’! [stextbox id=”info” caption=”Got A Tip?” collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” mode=”css”]Got A Tip? Submit it online or email![/stextbox] Viewing on mobile or old browser? Here’s the individual pics: